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    Reply Reply July 15, 2019

    Very cool but I’ve never heard of 12/8 time so the counting is a little weird. Would love to see this in 4/4.

    • Dan

      Reply Reply April 22, 2021

      It turns our 12/8 does have 4 beats per measure, but each beat is a triplet, so you count as Griff demonstrated “One and uh Two and uh Three and uh. Four and uh” for each measure. At least that’s my understanding.

    • Tom Paine

      Reply Reply October 16, 2021

      Griff.I appreciate your lessons..well done…I have purchased several of your courses and you are a great teacher….It is so satisfying to understand guitar playing better..Tom

    • rz

      Reply Reply October 17, 2021

      Hi Paul,

      The 12/8 gives the same feel as 4/4 triplets. If you think in all eighth notes there are 12 in both.

      1 & a 2 & a 3 & a 4 & a -In 4/4 with 4 beats
      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 – in 12/8 (technically 12 beats per measure and 1/8 note gets one beat. But in practice feels like 4 beats and triplet feel

    • Chris Roper

      Reply Reply October 26, 2021

      123 1
      223 2
      323 3
      423 4

  • Michael Drevyanko

    Reply Reply July 17, 2019

    Is there anything wrong if you use a drum machine pedal instead ?

    • Dan

      Reply Reply April 22, 2021

      I’m pretty sure Griff would tell you, using a drum machine is a good thing in that it helps you keep time and provides a drum for the music, so you don’t have to. But if you don’t have one handy, you can keep the bass and beat going with your thumb if you develop the skill.

      It’s hard at first but you can get it. I developed an independent thumb playing House of the Rising Sun where I can now pick out short two or three note bass melody licks with my thumb (rather than a single note) while finger picking the rest of the notes, since it’s a simple thumb, index, middle, ring finger and back pattern for each chord. It’s a technique I frequently bring into other songs.

  • rustie

    Reply Reply July 23, 2019

    Far, far too much wordy explanation for a simple idea. This could be explained in 2 minutes, but instead its an overcomplicated ramble more likely to confuse than clarify. Keep it simple, Griff!

    • Mongo

      Reply Reply September 26, 2020


      Another great teaching!
      Love your series!

      I’ve been a player around 40 years (OMG!). Multiple bands with CD’s and some airplay. Blues was never my genre, so it’s great how you take the time to include a foundation within your teaching.

      Sure, it’s really simplified and many of us can go ‘ok, I get it’ and mirror what you’re doing first pass. But to go the long distance in a blues context we need to build a vocabulary which requires a disciplined foundation.

      Thank you!

    • Tully hood

      Reply Reply October 6, 2020

      I think Chris is doing is showing it real simple so students like me can’t pick up on it for someone that’s kind of like a professional it would probably sound too simple

    • RFK

      Reply Reply October 15, 2021

      Not a useful comment Mr. Rustie.

    • R

      Reply Reply October 27, 2022

      I think you meant to say thanks for the FREE lesson. And the time and energy for creating it. You might want to consider starting your own lesson page where you can keep it simple.

  • Bob S

    Reply Reply July 23, 2019

    Hi Griff, While it’s a good introduction to Travis picking, this video never quite gets there. It poops out before you show where practicing the right & left hand fingering techniques can go. Was there supposed to be another video linked in succession? Your pal, Bob

    • rz

      Reply Reply October 17, 2021

      look at it as an intro then

  • Rev.Harmon Biehl

    Reply Reply July 23, 2019

    I like to play in different times. 3/4…6/8…traverse picking. Single string picking mixed with power chords produces a bluesy sound. I would like you to do something with single notes/chords/ and triplets or arpeggios in one simple song…
    Like Willie Jean for example….please.
    Rev harm…

  • John

    Reply Reply July 23, 2019

    I like your detailed explanation. I can always speed through it if it’s too detailed. Thanks for covering all the bases.

  • Bob Wire

    Reply Reply July 23, 2019

    Skip to 4:47 and he starts with; “Let me show you what I mean by this idea of Thump Bass”…And it pretty much addresses everything I was looking for from this. I think if you want more, you have to buy the course–kind of how most of these videos work here, but he does give a great example, complete with counting starting at 4:47…Thanks Griff.

  • Frank Cordaro

    Reply Reply July 23, 2019

    I read a lot of the comments. I’ve noticed there are a lot of expert guitar players that have responded and respond with useless nonsense. If there is nothing to contribute thats positive and helpful you’re wasting your time n everyone elses. Kind of like my post here. Why not just enjoy the free lesson or shut it down.

  • Ira Braden

    Reply Reply August 9, 2019

    This is very close to Travis Picking. Merle Travis popularized the Thumb Base.

  • tony

    Reply Reply August 11, 2019

    good job . this style of playing is a bit like a Kansas tune . Just more involved .

    • tony

      Reply Reply October 1, 2020

      A Robben Ford thing . He is good and he uses the E and A also for bass notes.

  • Eric

    Reply Reply September 19, 2019

    Griff, all your lessons are great u are a kool kat ill be with ur lessons for a long while. Thank you for makeing it easey. Eric

  • Pete

    Reply Reply September 22, 2019

    Thanks for this lesson. I’ve tried to learn how to play in this style before and I’ve always had trouble keeping the bass part steady and flowing. You’ve made it easy to understand and learn. Great stuff.

  • April

    Reply Reply August 10, 2020

    Thank you Griff. Well done.

  • David Conner

    Reply Reply September 10, 2020

    Would you please demonstrate what I call a Percussive strum between chords . I see a lot of players use it. Thanks

  • Tony

    Reply Reply September 25, 2020

    More please. Love steady or alternating bass.

  • Tully hood

    Reply Reply October 6, 2020

    I think Griff is doing a great job for beginners like me that’s great that you’re showing this real simple so that people like me can pick up on it thank you Griff

  • David Bloomfield

    Reply Reply October 31, 2020

    Out of the Blue I find I cannot open any of your tabs ?

  • David

    Reply Reply March 17, 2021

    I believe we used to call this “dead thumb” or something, Doing it this way is easy for an intermediate player. The hard part comes when keeping a consistent thumb going while playing a riff or notes or any melodic type playing. The coordination needed has always been hard for me. I’ve yet to find a lesson that can put that together with a solid routine. I dont know if your acoustic unleashed explains a new or proven way to do this. How about it Griff, if anyone can get this through my head its you!

  • Marek

    Reply Reply May 7, 2021

    This is really a valuable advise. Thank you

  • Ronald Heim

    Reply Reply June 12, 2021

    Can you teach the Travis method? Doc Watsons’ style is one example.

    • Thomas Guitarman

      Reply Reply February 17, 2024

      I knew Doc and Merle well , though he could play this way to a degree like on Deep River Blues , he really did it more simply than Merle T, would have BUT HIS SON MERLE , was one of the best Ive ever seen and heard in this style but rarely showed it off , then you can bring it all forward to insane level with Tommy Emmanuel .

  • Mike

    Reply Reply January 4, 2022

    Just wondering what the “Trackbacks” tab is for. I’ve never noticed it before but… this one seems to be empty.

  • Bob C

    Reply Reply January 17, 2022

    I have been smitten by the Delta Blues sound where thump bass is fairly standard. Your explanation is great – simple and straight forward. I have been working on this idea for about 6 months and have been trying to keep the thump pulse while adding alternating bass line and a running bass line. It can be frustrating but when you get the timing right and the fingers cooperating (and I have occasionally) its great.

  • Richard

    Reply Reply April 25, 2022

    I so appreciate these blues lessons. I’ve been playing guitar for many years and am still excited to learn new things to do on guitar. Thank you Griff

  • Steven Daniels

    Reply Reply April 25, 2022

    Thanks Griff looks like a awesome challenge.

  • Thomas Guitarman

    Reply Reply April 29, 2023

    This is a great lesson check out Rev. Gary Davis , or John Hurt for the mastery of this .

  • Thomas Guitarman

    Reply Reply February 17, 2024

    Rev Gary Davis is the one that gets me the most

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